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Bedlam, bowl game, rivalry week, and college football chaos!


Hey, sooner fans! What a weekend of college football! The Sooners played the best first quarter I have ever seen and became bowl eligible. The Tennessee Volunteers were trampled by none other than the Oklahoma transfer Spencer Rattler. We’ll talk all about that and next week’s games on this edition of the SEC Sooners blog.


On Saturday it appeared that a bedlam blowout was brewing. Oklahoma was performing well in all three phases of the game. Dillon Gabriel was accurate, the defense was forcing turnovers, and Michael Turk was booming punts like a veteran NFL player. I could not believe my eyes. This was the best quarter of Oklahoma football I had seen since the 2020 Cotton Bowl against Florida. Who would have guessed that one quarter of football would score enough points to win the Bedlam rivalry game?

The remaining three quarters were bitter-sweet as the defense continued to play well and the offense sputtered. I’m sure Oklahoma fans were happy to walk out with a fifteen-point win, but you have to wonder why the flashes of great offense are only temporary and always seem to dissipate.

Spencer Rattler is a hero?

I don’t know why, but I’ve had a feeling since the beginning of the season that Spencer might finally break out and be a part of a major upset. I even mentioned the possibility of him beating Georgia on this blog. That feeling was correct. Spencer Rattler appears to have finally developed some since graduating high school as a five-star recruit. I think this only further proves my point that Lincoln Riley doesn’t develop good players, he acquires them.

His stat line against the fifth best team in the country consisted of 438 passing yards and 6 touchdowns. Where on earth did this come from? You have to give credit to South Carolina’s staff for developing him and making him the quarterback we all wanted him to be. Will he play this well from now on? Probably not. However, he has shown that he has the potential to be a good player.

Bowl Game

Fortunately for the Sooners, the Bedlam win was enough to make the team bowl eligible. This gives them more practice time and an extra game that we can enjoy before the new year. It’s probably going to be the Guaranteed Rate Bowl or First Responders Bowl. While this wasn’t the season that many people were predicting (including myself), winning against “little brother” is always nice and I’m happy as long as this top-ten recruiting class stays together.

Speaking of recruits, Jackson Arnold is on fire at Denton Guyer. He’s leading his team to the 6A Division II high school championship. Even better, the holy grail of this recruiting class and the future of this football team also appears to be committed and possibly showing up on early signing day.

Games to watch this Saturday

Oklahoma vs Texas Tech

The final game of the regular season. The only real significance of this game is having seven instead of six w’s in the win column. It would be great to finish the regular season strong, but now the future is what’s most important. As I mentioned many times, this recruiting class is so important for the future of the Sooners.

Oregon vs Oregon State

Oregon will be matched up against USC in the Pac-12 Championship game with a win this weekend. I think Oregon would have the best chance to beat USC in the championship game and I hope it happens. Before the season started I knew that Dan Lanning and Bo Nix would be great new additions to the Oregon Ducks that would fall under the radar.

I’ve watched Bo Nix play for Auburn and Oregon and he is an underrated player. He can play against the best of them and I think Oregon could ruin the Trojans’ playoff chances if Notre Dame doesn’t beat them to it. More on that later.

Michigan vs Ohio State

One team will likely be knocked out of the playoffs. This is essentially the first playoff game of the season. If you are an Oklahoma fan you may not realize it, but you do have a rooting interest in this game. The significance of this game is huge for the future of Lincoln Riley’s career.

You better hope that CJ Stroud wins this game with big numbers because if he doesn’t, Caleb Williams is hiding in the weeds hoping to win a third Heisman trophy for Lincoln. If Caleb Williams wins a Heisman trophy, quarterbacks will never stop running to USC. I promise you if this happens, Lincoln Riley will either win a championship or become the “greatest coach to never win one”.

Baylor vs Texas

Texas is recruiting well and it needs to stop. The Sooners are guaranteed to play the Longhorns for a long time and Oklahoma fans do not want to watch Texas beat them every year in the Cotton Bowl. Baylor is a solid team and I genuinely think they can bring home the win if everything falls their way. Baylor can run the ball very well and the Bears’ defense will put Quinn Ewers under some pressure.

LSU vs Texas A&M

I’m so happy that Texas A&M has lost so many games this season. That’s what happens when you pay off our players to come to your school, Jimbo! After a slow start to the season, LSU has looked surprisingly good this season and as one of the best teams in the country, I fully expect them to beat arguably one of the worst teams in the country. Texas A&M has experienced quite a downfall after a historic recruiting season and I think it’s time that we see a lot of players leave College Station.

Nobody knows what is going to happen to head coach Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies have to eventually run out of money. To be completely honest, I have no clue why any recruits would want to jump on this sinking ship even if they do get paid a bunch of money. Anyway, let’s all have fun watching the Aggies flush all of their recruiting money down the toilet. Also, #HicksToNorman? Maybe we’ll get 5-star David Hicks after all. What a full circle of events!

Notre Dame vs USC

Let’s just hope Notre Dame can beat USC. You all know why. I don’t even have to explain it anymore. On the flip side, if Notre Dame loses, Peyton Bowen could come to Oklahoma. I would definitely root for the Fighting Irish, but if they lose don’t be too disappointed because Oregon could beat them in the Pac-12 Championship.

USC has played better than they should have and I cannot believe how many turnovers they have forced. Where was this as Oklahoma, Alex Grinch? It really isn’t that surprising when you realize just how bad the teams are in the Pac-12. Is USC good or are the Trojans just playing against bad teams? I would say the latter is more likely when you consider the recent history of USC and the Pac-12.

South Carolina vs Clemson

Can the man, the myth, and the legend himself do it again? I feel like an upset is brewing. I’m calling it ahead of time. South Carolina will win! Rattler will have another solid game (maybe not as good as last week) and take down Clemson. I had mixed feelings about him to begin the season, but I have found myself hoping he has a good career. I’ve mentioned before that I feel like Clemson is overrated. Spencer Rattler has momentum from his last game and this is a great opportunity for his draft stock to rise to the level of his freshman year. In the words of Bonnie Tyler, “He’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight!”

Clemson has already lost to Notre Dame and they will lose yet again to the upset-maker. Maybe I’m going crazy and losing my mind, but this has been a crazy year. Throw all of your expectations out the window and enjoy the final week of the regular season!

Boomer Sooner!

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